Awards & Rankings

ENGIE has received a number of awards for its energy trading & risk management activities in recent years. Notable achievements in 2017-2018 include winning “Electricity House” and “Deal of the Year” at the 2018 Energy Risk Awards, after being recognized energy company of the year and n°1 Midstreamer by the S&P Global Energy Awards for the second year running. This continued recognition highlights the constant expansion of our offer and global presence.

2018 Energy Risk Awards

This year again our teams received two prizes at the 2018 Energy Risk Awards, “Electricity House of the Year” and “Deal of the Year”, recognizing the continuous growth of our service offer and market presence throughout 2017. These awards also highlight our endeavors to proactively tackle market transformations and meet our business partners’ needs around the world, across the energy value chain.

With “Electricity House of the Year,” the awards jury noted the successful diversification and growth of our global energy management solutions in power. Key offers focused on the changing landscape of energy transition while others constituted entirely new businesses, such as innovative third-party asset-management solutions.

The “Deal of the Year” prize notably rewards the closing of a game-changing structured gas off-take deal, innovatively structured to enable smaller E&P players to expand their business through M&A and access mature basins.

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2018 Energy Risk Commodity Rankings

ENGIE Global Markets has maintained strong positions in the 2018 Energy Risk Rankings market survey, notably inthe top 3 ranks among natural gas and power dealers, with a rise to #2 power dealer overall. In Europe, we remain in the top 3 dealers on nearly all gas hubs, as well as on power markets. Finally, we have kept our long-standing position in European market research, with a #2 spot in natural gas and #3 in power. These results reflect the appreciation shown by our industry peers for our continued commitment to client satisfaction and to increasing our geographical footprint, in a combination of global reach, local expertise, and proximity



2017 S&P Platts Global Energy Awards


For its second participation in the Platts Global Energy Awards, ENGIE received three awards, including a win in the “Industry Leadership—Midstream” category for the second year in a row.

In a highly complex and interconnected midstream sector, ENGIE continued to prove itself a nimble and decisive player in the energy management business. The jury underlined the company’s expanding geographical scope, notably a successful expansion into the US with a new business platform in Houston and a push on Northern and Eastern European gas markets. Other highlights included the launch of new businesses in line with the priorities of energy transition, such as weather-based risk management offers and Natural Gas Liquids.

ENGIE is also praised as “Energy Company of the Year” for its overall performance, and CEO of France Renewable Energy BU Gwénaëlle Huet is named “Rising Star of the Year—Individual” for the leadership of its renewable energy business in France. 


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Energy Risk Awards 2017


This year the Company has been prized with Natural Gas House of the Year and Oil & Products House of the Year. This double win recognizes the significant diversification and growth of ENGIE Global Markets’ business. The jury noted the expansion of its gas sourcing and supply business in Eastern and Northern Europe, the widening scope of its offer to serve clients up and down the value chain, and the launch several new businesses including weather-based gas deals, M&A facilitation and Natural Gas Liquids.

In its financial oil business, ENGIE Global Markets had significant success in meeting rising demand for oil-linked hedging services, serving players ranging from producers to financial institutions, industrials and transport companies. The combination of client-centricity and robust risk management resulted in long-term hedging offers few competitors could match, tailored to each industry and market.


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Energy Risk Commodity Rankings 2017


Risk2017-COMM_winnerENGIE Global Markets confirms its position as a global market reference in the 2017 Energy Risk Rankings.  We obtained high ranks in categories at worldwide level with a noticeable #2 as energy dealer (all commodities combined)  and  #2 in natural gas.

Looking at Europe, we shot up to #1 gas dealer all hubs combined, and maintained our position in the top 3 ranking on power markets.
These results reflect ENGIE Global Markets’ strong customer-focus and commitment to widening its geographical footprint while ever strengthening  client proximity.




Platts Global Energy Awards


ENGIE Global Markets concludes a noteworthy first participation to the Platts Global Energy Awards with a win in a key category, “Industry Leadership—Midstream”.
The jury noted that, while the midstream sector has undergone rapid change—notably due to falling energy demand and commodity price volatility—ENGIE Global Markets has repeatedly stood out through its constantly expanding offer and geographical presence. It also recognized the company’s recent successes including a strong push on gas supply to Eastern Europe, new offers including M&A facilitation and forthcoming developments in Asia-Pacific and the United States.

With this award, ENGIE Global Markets continues to increase the visibility of its offer and the Group’s brand on the international stage.

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Energy Risk Awards 2016


The reference commodity trading publication Energy Risk has named ENGIE Global Markets “Electricity House of the Year” for the second time in its history in its 2016 Energy Risk Awards competition.ERAwards-2016-EHotY

ENGIE Global Markets stood out among the competition by being one of few actors to continue expanding its geographical scope, including in Europe in spite of difficult power market conditions.


The jury highlighted the company’s capacity to act as a liquidity provider in the short- to long-term on European markets, and especially praised the launch of power derivatives trading in several new countries in Asia-Pacific.

Winning this award for the second time in five years illustrates the strength of ENGIE Global Markets’ industrial know-how, fostered within a leading independent power producer group.


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Commodity Business Awards 2015

CBA_EnergyMarkets_GDFSUEZTrading_2015 ENGIE Global Markets received the 2015 Commodity Business Award for “Excellence in Energy Markets” from Commodities Now, taking the prize for the second year running.

What caught the jury's attention again this year was the consistency of ENGIE Global Markets' business model over time, and its capacity to adapt. A wide spectrum of activities, from asset-backed trading to risk management on behalf of ENGIE and third parties, has enabled ENGIE Global Markets to effectively mitigate risks and capture opportunities for value creation in highly competitive, rapidly evolving markets.


Energy Risk Europe & North America Awards 2015

ER2015_RMotYU_130 Energy Risk named ENGIE Global Markets the winner of its “Risk Manager of the Year – Utility” award for the second year in a row. The Energy Risk Awards for Europe and North America are an annual contest organized by British commodity trading publication Energy Risk.

The jury noted ENGIE Global Markets' impressive performance in 2014, despite depressed market conditions. It especially praised the business developments of high growth in Italy, and the expansion of ENGIE Global Markets' risk management offers for renewable energy and transport industries.

Above all, this repeated win confirms the relevance of ENGIE Global Markets' combination of financial and industrial expertise.

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Commodity Business Awards 2014

CBA_Logo_Winner_GST_Internet On December 3, 2014, ENGIE Global Markets won the “2014 Commodity Business Award for Excellence in Energy Markets,” ending the year on a high note.
A jury composed of the Commodities Now editorial board and experts drew a shortlist of the strongest contenders among commodity traders. ENGIE Global Markets was designated as the winner after the shortlist was submitted to a vote on the market.

ENGIE Global Markets' winning combination of financial and physical trading skills within a fully client-driven approach made for a year of dynamic growth and expanding activities in spite of scaled-back markets. Rounding off a highly successful 2013-2014 awards and ranking season, this distinction confirmed ENGIE Global Markets' position as a market leader.


Energy Risk Asia Awards 2014

logo_energy_risk_asia Following its “Energy Risk Manager of the Year – Europe & North America” win earlier in 2014, ENGIE Global Markets was once again honored with the “2014 Energy Risk Manager of the Year – Asia.”

ENGIE Global Markets' development in Asia was part of the winning formula for the Energy Risk Europe & North America Award it received earlier in 2014. Nominating the Singapore Team as the “Energy Risk Manager of the Year – Asia” comes as a natural extension of ENGIE Global Markets' first win – and as a nice recognition of ENGIE Global Markets' activities in Asian markets.

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Energy Risk Europe & North America Awards 2014

logo_award_2014_web Energy Risk, the London publication on commodities trading and risk management, awarded ENGIE Global Markets its “2014 Energy Risk Manager of the Year” award. According to Energy Risk, the jury was convinced by the “strength and consistency of ENGIE Global Markets' business model, its growth over the past year, its geographical expansion and its strides into new areas of trading and risk management.”

ENGIE Global Markets' new perspectives for Asian business, its new trading floor in Rome, and its positioning on its oil and refined products risk management offer proved the winning formula, and highlighted ENGIE Global Markets' capacity to adapt to a fast-changing environment on diversified grounds and its unfailing commitment to the market.

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