Compliance officers

Our compliance officers have an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of national and European financial regulations.

Pragmatic, reactive and highly adaptable, their responsibilities can be divided into three main areas: preventive actions, security system monitoring, and management/regulatory reporting. They also offer training, support and assistance for integrated control process implementation and risk management projects.

For prevention, compliance officers take care of updating standards and compliance manuals. In addition they coordinate — across the departments for which the division is responsible — actions related to the updating of documentation on controls (OSS).

By monitoring alerts and risk indicators, they continuously ensure the compliance of our security system. In addition, they perform constant Level 2 controls, both on a recurring basis (ex-ante and ex-post) and via random, unannounced tests.

Moreover, compliance officers are key players in our compliance chain, as they contribute to producing reports destined for our management and market regulators.

Fluent in English, compliance officers hold an advanced degree in market finance, preferably specializing in market ethics.
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