Business accountants

Business accountants are highly operational, performing trading-specific tasks in addition to traditional accounting functions.

Specifically, they are responsible for the daily accounting of market activities (such as commodities invoices, margin calls, forex, payments) and for carrying out the monthly closing in local GAPs and IFRS standards (booking of accruals, mark to market, commitments, etc.).

In addition, these detail-oriented individuals support the Head of Accounting in implementing new product and accounting schemes, while also producing monthly and quarterly financial account reconciliations to ensure validity of the figures.

Business accountants have strong accuracy and organizational skills and are good team players who can work seamlessly with their peers. They are also practical thinkers, which is important given that their daily tasks can require them to solve operational problems. Ideally they hold an accounting degree and are fluent in English.

The Finance division, where they are based, is in charge of ensuring that accounting and payment flows are controlled and justified and of producing accurate and explained reporting (Group IFRS, local, regulatory, etc.).
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