IT developers

Working hand in hand with business analysts, IT developers identify and develop innovative IT solutions.

With strong analytical and communication skills, developers are self-organized and proactive members of the IT division. They take a creative approach to the whole development process, from formalizing new solution ideas to testing and validating the final version.

At the same time, one of the crucial responsibilities of our IT developers is to take baseline actions that ensure business continuity. This includes providing training and assistance to users. Fluent in English, they implement project management best practices and keep clear time-tracking records of daily activities.

The IT development division itself is composed of four client-oriented teams: Trading & Transversal Platforms, Front-Office Tools, P&L and Risk, and finally Trade and Post-Trade and Development and Commando. The division manages the technical foundations of our operations (database optimization, IT tools, etc.), provides technical analysis and ensures the tasks of development and maintenance.
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