Sales Trading

Sales traders

Highly organized, dynamic and analytical, sales traders are responsible for three main activities within the Sales Trading division: pre-trade assistance and origination, trade execution and account management.

For pre-trade assistance, they provide market price information and quoting, and help clients to develop hedging strategies that are feasible within the right timing. They also focus on pushing trading ideas and hedging products.

Within trade execution, their role is to submit a firm quote and monitor order executions in coordination with trading desks.

Regarding account management, the sales traders ensure our commercial development across the entire scope of products and services. They are also in charge of managing interfaces and opportunities across the Group.

More generally, the Sales Trading division is organized according to customer and market type and has operation-dedicated and transversal support functions.

It focuses on all business counterparts need to manage their portfolios, from the investment phase through the physical balance phase (including optimization, risk management and arbitrage) for all markets and commodities.

Sales traders ideally hold a Master's in finance or engineering and are fluent in English.
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