Bulk commodities

Global growth

Bulk commodities trading has dramatically increased in the past decade on a global scale. A driving factor of this trend is the growth of this market in China and India, which has strained supply and demand patterns. At the same time, intercontinental flows and arbitrage create volatile relations between coal pricing in different areas.

Given that bulk commodities are part of ENGIE's fuel mix for power generation, we have developed our presence and activities on coal markets, which we leverage for our clients and business partners from our Brussels and Singapore platforms. This includes financial coal trading with swaps and options on API#2 (CIF ARA), API#4 (FOB Richards Bay), Newcastle (FOB Newcastle), API#8 (CFR South China), Indonesian coal (McCloskey sub-bit), physical trading (ARA cargoes and barges, contributor to the API#2 index) and financial freight trading (voyage and time charters).

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