Natural Gas

A European leader with a global footprint


ENGIE Global Markets is the trading platform at the heart of ENGIE, the third-largest seller of natural gas in Europe and largest LNG importer. We actively contribute to optimizing our parent Group’s 700 TWh European natural gas supply portfolio. Our proximity to ENGIE’s core activities and our deep understanding of the gas industrial sphere has enabled us to develop an impactful approach to gas trading. ENGIE Global Markets’ unique offer combines this expertise with nearly 20 years of experience in designing market-based financial products.


Our clients and business partners can thus benefit from our recognized know-how and our constantly expanding coverage of all major European markets, including: the UK (NBP), the Netherlands (TTF), Belgium (Zeebrugge, ZTP), Germany (GSP, NCG-H, NCG-L), France (PEG-N,PEG-S), Spain (AOC), Austria (VTP), Italy (PSV), Czech Republic (VOB), and at border points.


We are also members of all major European exchanges, including APX/ENDEX (UK, NL, BE), POWERNEXT (FR), ICE (UK, NL), EEX (DE) and CEGH (Austria).


Beyond Europe, we are active on the US Nat Gas market and, through our Singapore platform, on Asian markets (JCC, JKM) .


ENGIE Global Markets’ offer includes a diverse range of products, from hedging of indexed gas contracts (gas-to-gas and gas-to-oil) to futures, swing profile deliveries, physical & virtual storages, or physical and virtual transportation agreements.


Such products can be integrated into highly sophisticated risk management solutions, which we can fully customize to meet largely diversified needs. We serve clients throughout the value chain, i.e. financial institutions, producers, majors, utilities, refiners, shippers, retailers and large industrials.


The 2016 Energy Risk Commodity Rankings placed ENGIE Global Markets among the top tier gas players, both in Europe with leading positions on several gas hubs, and on a global scale as the fourth-highest rated Natural Gas Dealer overall. This demonstrates that we are largely recognized and valued as a top performer on gas markets.

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