Extensive range of products and tools

The fluctuations of the oil market have a significant impact on natural gas and power prices. As a global services provider with our clients' best interests at heart, we at ENGIE Global Markets cover the full spectrum of oil products, i.e. crude oil, fuel oil and distillates. Beyond the European market, we trade US and Asian oil to meet the arbitrage and hedging needs of our customers.

The products we trade include WTI, Brent, Dubai crude, Northwest Europe and Singapore Jet, US, European and Asian fuel oils and gas oils, to name a few.

ENGIE Global Markets has thorough expertise in developing gas procurement hedging strategies based on oil indexation and gas-oil spread indexation. Such energy risk strategies have been extended to the oil sector, in Europe and Asia, where we have enlarged our risk management solutions to Asian oil product references thanks to our newest platform in Singapore.

ENGIE Global Markets' competitive edge lies in the fact that our oil expert teams have been dealing for years with the strong oil exposure of the ENGIE Group . As a result, we have unrivalled experience in trading any type of oil formula in a timely and highly flexible manner. Such know-how enables us to serve the interests of both Group clients and our own client base.

Today, our oil product client base includes producers, refiners, shippers, as well as airlines and transport companies.

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