Options & structured products

Tailored solutions

ENGIE Global Markets offers an unparalleled range of structured products for highly customized solutions.

These solutions range from plain vanilla options to complex derivatives traded in all major currencies and across the entire energy spectrum, including oil, gas, power, bulk commodities and environmental products.

All our solutions can be tailored to meet our customers' specific needs, from upstream explorers and producers to downstream industrial consumers.

In terms of Exploration and Production projects, a number of solutions can be designed to protect the producer's future revenues against market volatility or to help capitalize on market opportunities.

We customize our products throughout the complex logistic LNG chain and assist LNG players with:Our products can be adapted for industrial customers who need to protect their margin, limit their cost of sourcing energy, optimize a multi commodity sourcing strategy or monetize flexibility within this production process.

We also develop a number of structured products aimed at natural gas storage portfolio monetization, which allow the owner to benefit from market volatility.

Finally, by monetizing the option value of a power plant or allowing it to reduce the cost of financing, we can design and acquire a VPP structure or propose LT hedging solutions to their owner.

The examples above are only part of the wide range of customized products we design.
Natural Gas