Economic research & market analysis

ENGIE Global Markets provides economic research and market analysis services to help its clients and partners maintain their competitive edge.

Insights to manage your assets and investments

Optimal decision-making requires a sharp awareness and understanding of the market. We at ENGIE Global Markets support our clients with a solid foundation of economic research and market analysis services.

Our team of highly experienced economists helps you make the most of market evolutions and forecasts, relying on their far-reaching vision and accurate knowledge of the entire energy complex.

What we offer

Our research and analysis service covers the areas of macroeconomics, forex and, of course, energy, with a dual focus on fundamentals and price forecasts. Our Market Reviews are published on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, and made available through our client extranet. We also provide fundamental and technical analysis-related trading strategies, as well as hedging strategies for all underlyings.

What gives us the edge

The know-how and excellence of the ENGIE Global Markets' economic research is the result of an unparalleled combination: long-established trading expertise, a leading position in European markets, and belonging to a renowned energy group active on all continents. Our team of market analysts thus has the visibility, knowledge and experience to maintain a sharp understanding of the entire energy complex.

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