Physical market access

ENGIE Global Markets has in-depth knowledge of the physical market and delivers state-of-the-art market access solutions.

The gateway to energy markets

ENGIE Global Markets is the trading subsidiary of one of the world's largest energy players and draws upon more than 15 years of experience throughout the energy complex. We hold a unique position from which our clients and business partners can fully benefit.

What we offer

We provide the opportunity to access a reliable supply of power and gas from wholesale markets. Our wide range of physical market access solutions has been developed to meet your needs, however specific they may be.

To name just a few of these services:

What gives us the edge

The strength and depth of our physical markets expertise has proven its value in meeting our clients' demands at every stage of the energy market process. Being a key contributor to the optimization of ENGIE's asset portfolio and an expert trader on all volumes and maturities has enabled us to rise to a top-tier level on all major European hubs.

Our market access solutions are aimed at a wide variety of clients and counterparts, including financial institutions, explorers and producers, majors, utilities, refiners, shippers, retailers and large industrials.

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