Bank status

ENGIE Global Markets business activities are regulated by the French banking and financial markets authorities (ACPR and AMF), acting in cooperation with the Belgian authorities (FSMA).

A solid partner in a regulated business

ENGIE Global Markets operates in a fast-changing regulatory environment. This trend prevails both in the energy sector and in financial and banking services.

ENGIE Global Markets elected to provide its customers with a robust framework offering the best guarantees in terms of financial stability and customers' protection.

The company is licensed by the French prudential supervisory authority ACPR as an investment services provider. The company is also subject to the supervision of the French financial market authority AMF. The Belgian financial market authorities FSMA co-supervises the company's activities perfored through the Brussels branch of ENGIE Global Markets.

ENGIE Global Markets financial status enables it to provide third parties financial services and products, in particular, to hedge price fluctuations. Services are provided in compliance with the stringent business rules resulting from the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, guaranteeing customers a level of service and protection in line with state-of-the-art banking standards.

ENGIE Global Markets must also comply with the financial stability criteria laid out in the Capital Adequacy Directive that includes specific obligations in terms of risk control, capital adequacy and best practices. This set of obligations, which provides the most secure framework for trading and is reinforced by the quality of ENGIE Global Markets shareholder, represents an additional attraction for customers and counterparties.
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