Markets & products

As the marketplace for energy within ENGIE Group, ENGIE Global Markets covers the whole energy mix, including natural gas and LNG, power, oil, bulk commodities and environmental products.

Trading a wide range of maturities on exchanges and over the counter, we offer standard products such as indices, forwards and swaps, as well as more sophisticated tailor-made options and structured products. In addition, we trade physically or financially settled transactions within trading master agreements such as EFET, ISDA, GTMA, IETA, CPMA, French FBF, German DRV, Guarantee of origin or through ad hoc trading arrangements with a wide range of counterparties (financial institutions, explorers and producers, majors, funds energy producers, utilities, refiners, shippers, retailers, large industrials and end users).




ENGIE Global Markets operates at the heart of ENGIE, ranked as the number one Utility Group and the number one independent power producer in the world. One of our missions is to contribute to the Group's asset portfolio optimization, which represents 115.3 GW power-production installed capacity.


Such proximity to our parent company's core activities and deep understanding of the power industrial sphere have enabled us to develop a impactful approach to power trading that highly benefits our clients and business partners.


Our clients, whether they are upstream producers or downstream industrials, can leverage ENGIE Global Markets' robust activity on all main European power markets, i.e. Germany, France, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. We are also member of all major European exchanges, including EPEX SPOT, APX, ICE ENDEX, OMEL, HUPX, OTE and OKTE. ENGIE Global Markets is also active in Asia -Pacific power markets in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.


Our offer includes a wide variety of products, such as physical forward contracts, financial swaps, physical options, power structured or semi-structured profiles, location swaps (virtual capacity border), VPPs (Virtual Power Plants), tolling contracts, long-term PPAs (power purchase agreements) and physical options. These products can be included in risk management solutions designed to optimize our clients’ energy portfolios and guarantee the highest level of protection against volatility.


Natural gas

ENGIE Global Markets is the trading platform at the heart of ENGIE, the third-largest seller of natural gas in Europe and largest LNG importer. We actively contribute to optimizing our parent Group’s 700 TWh European natural gas supply portfolio. Our proximity to ENGIE’s core activities and our deep understanding of the gas industrial sphere has enabled us to develop an impactful approach to gas trading.


Our offer includes a diverse range of products, from hedging of indexed gas contracts to futures, swing profile deliveries, physical & virtual storages, or physical and virtual transportation agreements. Such products can be integrated into highly sophisticated risk management solutions, which we can fully customize to meet largely diversified needs. We serve clients throughout the value chain, i.e. financial institutions, producers, majors, utilities, refiners, shippers, retailers and large industrials.


Environmental products

Leveraging the experience of our parent group, ENGIE Global Markets enables our clients to benefit from an unrivalled expertise in environmental products. This spans from outright EUA/CER/ERU spot and forward transactions to highly sophisticated structured products involving further specification of technologies and countries for CERs and ERUs. Furthermore, we also offer various renewable energy certificates (guarantees of origin from renewable energy sources and Vertogas certificates) and energy efficiency certificates (CEE).


Options & structured products

ENGIE Global Markets offers an unparalleled range of structured products for highly customized solutions. These solutions range from plain vanilla options to complex derivatives traded in all major currencies and across the entire energy spectrum, including gas, LNG, power and environmental products.


All our solutions can be tailored to meet our customers' specific needs, from upstream explorers and producers to downstream industrial consumers. In terms of Exploration and Production projects, a number of solutions can be designed to protect the producer's future revenues against market volatility or to help capitalize on market opportunities.  We customize our products throughout the complex logistic LNG chain and assist LNG players with: protecting their margin against market or operational risks seizing market opportunities to take advantage of geographical spread arbitrages or flexibilities inherent to their portfolio.


We also develop a number of structured products aimed at natural gas storage portfolio monetization, which allow the owner to benefit from market volatility. Finally, by monetizing the option value of a power plant or allowing it to reduce the cost of financing, we can design and acquire a VPP structure or propose LT hedging solutions to their owner.

The examples above are only part of the wide range of customized products we design.