Services and solutions

ENGIE Global Markets offers a unique combination of expertise as an energy trader with a regulated banking status, with strong trading positions throughout Europe and Asia and more than 15 years of experience in designing physical and financial market-oriented solutions.

Managing commodity exposures

Two main trends have emerged since the liberalization of gas and power markets:

ENGIE Global Markets covers the full energy spectrum through a wide range of services and solutions designed and constantly updated by teams of proven experts. These market-oriented solutions are aimed at meeting our clients and business partners' needs from up to downstream. We are active worldwide through an extensive offer of standard and sophisticated physical and financial instruments (including forwards, indices, swaps and options).

Whether you are a producer, a shipper, a refiner, a trading counterparty, a financial institution or an industrial, we offer solutions that will help you manage the commodity exposures inherent to your business model.

These solutions are divided into four main activities: physical market access, risk management, asset optimization services, and economic research and market analysis.

All four pillars are complementary and mutually sustaining, thus enabling us to provide our clients and business partners with a unique offer mix. In this way, we aim to foster and enhance your competitive edge, ensuring you stay one step ahead in an increasingly fast-moving market.

Physical market access
Asset optimization
management services
Economic research
& market analysis