About us

ENGIE Global Markets is the energy trading platform at the heart of ENGIE, a global energy player in the three businesses of gas, power and energy services, and a comprehensive presence throughout the energy value chain.

ENGIE Global Markets is a recognized specialist with 20 years of established presence on energy markets worldwide. We are the trading arm operating at the heart of ENGIE, a global leading energy player with 150 years of energy experience generating €69.9 billion turnover. Through our continuous involvement in shaping our market environment, backed by ENGIE, we have earned our reputation as a trusted partner.

Indeed, as a regulated banking entity with substantial equity to match the capital requirements of this status, we have contributed to shaping the markets at every step of their evolution, ensuring their efficiency and sustainability, and acting as a liquidity provider to benefit all market players.



Serving and shaping the markets with long-term experience

Through our unique combination of industrial experience and financial know-how, we have established ourselves as a hub for market innovation and expertise. The skills, activities, market positioning and product coverage included in our service offer constitute a powerful approach to energy trading, and are indicative of our continuous dedication:


- Expertise all along the value chain, from upstream to downstream

- A comprehensive coverage of the energy mix: natural gas, power, biomass and emissions, with particularly complementary positions on gas and power market

- Extensive market access

- A proven track record in developing tailor-made risk management solutions, from standard to structured financial products


Our commitment and ambitions

Having an integrated trading platform helps the Group secure its revenues by hedging against price volatility, which can have significant impacts on financial results. Beyond the trading activities, ENGIE Global Markets offer includes a wide range of services, such as risk management solutions, market access, asset management and optimization, gas off-take, investment services, physical supply and logistics management, economic research, market analysis and M&A facilitation for energy producers. 


We tailor our solutions to the specific needs of our clients, with a strong focus on decarbonation and decentralization. We are on track to becoming a reference global green midstreamer, matching our clients’ growing needs to lower their carbon footprint and source greener energy with those of renewable asset owners. Our experts deliver a wide range of green solutions, including green corporate PPAs, Demand-Side Management on a global and local scale, power optimization for renewable producers, battery storage services for grid operators and local smart grids development




Find the full list of our awards on the ENGIE Global Energy Management solutions website. 


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