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ENGIE Global Markets offers a wide array of job opportunities and is committed to developing the talent and careers of its employees.


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At ENGIE Global Markets our teams and employees are responsible for a wide range of highly skilled activities and services performed at the crossroads of the energy and trading sectors. Active across several markets (electricity, gas and LNG, environmental products), regions and currencies (Euro, Pound Sterling, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Singapore Dollar, etc.), the scope of our work is nothing if not diverse. Some of the responsibilities of our teams and employees include trading, sales trading, risk, economic research, IT, finance, compliance.

Sales trading

Highly organized, dynamic and analytical, sales traders are responsible for three main activities within the Sales Trading division: pre-trade assistance and origination, trade execution and account management. Sales traders ideally hold a Master's in finance or engineering and are fluent in English.


Traders are organized, accurate, dynamic and self-starting individuals who are able to work as team players in a challenging, continuously evolving environment. Highly analytical, they manage the risks associated with market conditions, deliver quick and reliable pricing for customers, execute market transactions and provide daily estimations of their PL. They take part in business development wherever applicable and help develop tools, processes and/or methodologies within their areas of specialty. Traders hold a Master's in economics, finance or engineering and are fluent in English.


Tactical thinkers, quantitative analysts translate long-term objectives into short-term goals. They evaluate model validation and risk measurement, including market, credit, physical, operational and global.
Quantitative risk analysts are team players who can communicate clearly and give constructive feedback. Fluent in English, they hold a Master's degree or its equivalent in a relevant area.

Economic research

The ENGIE Global Markets Economic Research team combines trading expertise and in-depth industry knowledge to continuously develop a clear understanding of the entire energy complex.
Our team is composed of highly experienced economists with dedicated areas of study who provide research and analysis relating to macroeconomics, forex and, of course, energy (gas, environmental products, power, CO2), with a dual focus on fundamentals and technical analysis.


Business accountants are highly operational, performing trading-specific tasks in addition to traditional accounting functions. Specifically, they are responsible for the daily accounting of market activities (such as commodities invoices, margin calls, forex, payments) and for carrying out the monthly closing in local GAPs and IFRS standards (booking of accruals, mark to market, commitments, etc.).
In addition, these detail-oriented individuals support the Head of Accounting in implementing new product and accounting schemes, while also producing monthly and quarterly financial account reconciliations to ensure validity of the figures.


Our compliance officers have an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of national and European financial regulations. Pragmatic, reactive and highly adaptable, their responsibilities can be divided into three main areas: preventive actions, security system monitoring, and management/regulatory reporting. They also offer training, support and assistance for integrated control process implementation and risk management projects. Fluent in English, compliance officers hold an advanced degree in market finance, preferably specializing in market ethics.




Working hand in hand with business analysts, IT developers identify and develop innovative IT solutions. With strong analytical and communication skills, developers are self-organized and proactive members of the IT division. They take a creative approach to the whole development process, from formalizing new solution ideas to testing and validating the final version.
At the same time, one of the crucial responsibilities of our IT developers is to take baseline actions that ensure business continuity. This includes providing training and assistance to users. Fluent in English, they implement project management best practices and keep clear time-tracking records of daily activities.


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