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ENGIE Global Markets offers a unique combination of expertise as an energy trader with a regulated banking status, with strong trading positions throughout Europe, Asia, US and more than 20 years of experience in designing physical and financial market-oriented solutions.

Market access

As the trading subsidiary of one of the world's largest energy players with more than 15 years of experience throughout the energy complex, we offer a wide range of physical market access solutions to meet your needs, however specific and at every stage of the energy market process.


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Asset optimization 

Whether physical or financial, over the short, medium or long term, we help you turn your assets into value-adding elements of your business and strengthen your competitiveness. We trade on a large number of markets and products worldwide, and have the capabilities to manage complex options models, such as power tolling contracts, storage capacities, or financial oil and gas swing contracts.


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Risk management services 

Energy markets are particularly vulnerable to high volatility, we therefore offer you fully customized hedging strategies and solutions to dynamically manage your price risk strategies and investments. Using a broad range of structured products, our bespoke risk management solutions cover the entire energy value chain, from upstream exploration and production to downstream distribution channels.


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Economic research & market analysis 

Optimal decision-making requires better information and understanding of the market place. Our economists and analysts provide insights in the areas of macroeconomics, forex and energy, with a dual focus on fundamentals and price forecasts. We can help you to build and maintain your competitive edge.


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Economic research
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